About US

Welcome to Yagya Blessings. Here you can find all information about Yagyas and Vedic Cure pundits.

We are very fortunate that we have very educated & well experienced Pandit Group who are masters in their field i.e. Veda, Yagya. Varanasi being the holy city and oldest centre for study of Veda & Vedic yagya, Indian mythology, we are located and belong to such place which is highly regarded in the field of Indian traditional worship.

Vedic Cure team is group organized to provide complete information how to become healthy and happy, to create world peace, and to aware people about the natural life style.

Vedic Cure is a team of professionals – doctors, ayurvedic technicians, jyotishis (medical vedic astrologers), pundits, vastu experts, yoga and TM teachers.